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2021Html5 banner ads
Html5 Banner for «KEEP.PET»
We had the opportunity to create an HTML5 banner for KeepPet, a globally active service dedicated to pet health counseling. KeepPet's commitment is to be available for pet owners at any time, any place, providing advice and guidance on pet health matters.



Behold the fruit of our rigorous efforts – a lively HTML5 banner designed to impress on an array of advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick), AdRoll, Sizmek, and beyond.

Embark on a scroll through the page to delve into our creative journey.

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HTML5 banner for KEEP.PET


Our aim was to design a vibrant and dynamic banner that encapsulates the advantages of KeepPet’s service. We aimed to represent not just the functionality of the app, but also the sense of security and peace of mind that it provides to pet owners.

Html5 Banner For Keep.pet


The Research

To accurately represent the application, we engaged in the selection of design materials that would reflect the banner’s idea. We focused on colors, fonts, and images that would highlight the app’s user-friendly interface, the availability of its services, and the care it provides for pets’ health.



With the chosen visual components, we pieced together key animation frames to provide Elirtex a comprehensive view of how the end result would materialize. Each frame was designed to reflect an aspect of Elirtex’s service, assuring potential investors of the company’s credibility and reliability.

Html5 Banner For Keep.pet
Html5 Banner For Keep.pet
Html5 Banner For Keep.pet
Html5 Banner For Keep.pet
Html5 Banner For Keep.pet
Html5 Banner For Keep.pet


The outcome of our work was a well-received HTML5 banner that embodies the spirit and mission of KeepPet. The banner serves as an attractive, informative, and inviting representation of the service, beckoning pet owners to discover how KeepPet can assist them in maintaining their pets’ health and happiness. The design process was a collaborative and fulfilling experience, and we are proud to include this project in our portfolio.

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